Article for Wellness Wednesday in Mandurah Mail

In the local News

An article about Wellness Wednesday 2020 appeared in the local Mandurah Coastal Times newspaper on October 5th 2020 (seen right).

The event turned out to be a great success with the City of Mandurah and many organisations and businesses getting involved. The general consensus of organisers and participants puts the attendance numbers for this year’s event at approximately 1200. Not bad for an event organised at short notice after the COVID-19 lockdown!

And, as below, an article was submitted to the Mandurah Mail and published on the 5th October on their website. It did not appear in the printed version.

Nicole Ingram
Nicole Ingram was interviewed by the Coastal Times.

Unfortunately, there didn’t appear to be much interest from the local newspapers for this years event for Mental Health Week. Hopefully, next year there will be more coverage given to the event.


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