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Alcohol…think again

We like to celebrate with it, we calm our nerves with it, and many of us love to use it as a social lubricant – but it causes us many problems.

In Australia, alcohol is the drug of choice for nearly half of us and has been a part of this country since the Europeans first landed here with their grog.

Ever since alcohol first came to this land, when it nearly destroyed the first white settlement in Botany Bay with drunken violence, crime and disorder, it has continued to bring havoc and health problems to Australian communities ever since. As mentioned by the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare, people with mental health conditions are more likely to use alcohol and other drugs. Some people with mental health issues will use alcohol to self-medicate to try and reduce their suffering, but eventually it takes away more than it gives, making our problems become more complicated. When taking alcohol with medication, it can cause the medication to not work all, or it can become a very dangerous combination, causing psychological harm or even death.

Wellness Wednesday posted this article on our Facebook page from Lifehacker about Alcohol and it’s effect on health:

Alcohol – it's a big part of our Aussie culture, and we may enjoy a drink, but is it good for our mental and physical…

Posted by Peel Wellness Wednesday on Wednesday, 30 September 2020


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