Promoting Mental Wellbeing in Mandurah

Nicole Ingram welcome video capture in front of event sign

You are invited to the event!

Nicole, the Event Coordinator for Peel Wellness Wednesday wants you to know that are you are invited! Join in on the fun and get informed at this year’s free event for Mental Health Week 2020, held on the Mandurah eastern foreshore.

Nicole Ingram

Everyone involved have been very busy to make sure this event happens in Mandurah this year, especially after the COVID-19 lockdown threatened to cancel this year’s event. To everyone involved, it was thought to be particularly important that this event went ahead, even at short notice. It is well known that many of us have been mentally suffering from these difficult times and it is a demonstration that we can recover quickly if we put our minds to it.

So, the message is:

We are a back, we are resilient and we are all in this together.

Together we will recover, we will heal and we will endure.


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