Wellness Wednesday

Promoting Mental Wellbeing in Mandurah


A Walk Through Wellness Wednesday

Learn about Peel Wellness Wednesday and find out where things are.

Walk Through Topics

Where is the Peel Wellness Wednesday event held?

Let’s start the walk through of the event with where it is. The Wellness Wednesday event will be held on the Eastern Foreshore. This is the side of the foreshore where all of the cafes are.

A walk through of Peel Wellness Wednesday
This is a picture of the Mandurah Eastern Foreshore

Where is the parking?

You can park at Tod’s Café, on Hackett Street, or on Mandurah Terrace.
There are ACROD parking bays available along Mandurah Terrace and also at the parking area near Tod’s Café.

You can also catch the bus to the event or have someone drop you off.

Mandurah Terrace Parking
This is a picture of some of the car parking on Mandurah Terrace.
ACROD parking on Mandurah Terrace
This is a picture of an ACROD parking bay close to the Eastern Foreshore Reserve.

What will be there at Peel Wellness Wednesday?

The Wellness Wednesday event will have market stalls, activities, entertainment and community groups will be providing information about the services they provide.

Market stalls at Peel Wellness Wednesday
This is a picture of the event last year showing some of the market stalls.
Entertainment dancers at wellness wednesday
This is a photo of some of the entertainment from a previous year.

Meet the MC

There will be a man walking around and speaking into a microphone. You do not have to speak to this man. This man is called the Master of Ceremonies, or just MC for the event.

Peel Wellness Wednesday Master of Ceremonies
Here is a picture of the MC from the event last year

Getting to the event

You will be able to walk/wheel from one side of the foreshore (bridge end) to the other end (Tods Café end).

The main area of the event will be at the Eastern Foreshore Reserve.

There will be other people walking on the footpaths.

The promenade path on the Mandurah Eastern Foreshore
This is a picture of the path that you will be able to walk or wheel on.

Where are the toilets?

There are public toilets on the Eastern Foreshore that will be open for use.

There are separate male and female toilets.

There is a wheelchair accessible toilet on both the male and female side of the toilet block.

toilet block on Mandurah eastern foreshore
This is a picture of the toilet block on the Eastern Foreshore.

Where can I find the changing places?

There is a Changing Places facility near Tods Café (next to the Mandurah Visitors Centre).

A Changing Places facility has an adult change table as well as a shower and a wheelchair accessible toilet.

You will need a key to open this facility. You can contact the City of Mandurah to request a key (Fiona.Allen@mandurah.wa.gov.au, 9550 3256) or, you can borrow a key from the Mandurah Visitors Centre.

There are also male, female and a standard wheelchair accessible toilet at this toilet block.

The changing places facility
This is a photo of the Changing Places facility.

Where can I have a break and relax?

The Wellness Wednesday event has a Chill Out Zone where you can take a break and relax from the event.

You may come and go to this space as often as you like.

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