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mental health week wa 2022 blog post

Mental Health Week WA 2022

This year's Mental Health WA Week theme:
Mind, Body and Environment

Every year in October, the WA Association for Mental Health runs Mental Health WA Week with a theme on mental health.

This year the focus is on Where we live. How we live. What we lived. The theme is focused on 3 areas that have an effect on our mental health:

  • MIND
  • BODY

The mind is an area of mental wellbeing that includes many self-help and therapeutic options that can employ to improve how we think and how we feel.

The old saying, “a healthy mind comes from a healthy body” frames this approach to our mental health by using good nutrition, healthy activity and exercise and being proactive in seeking help for medical conditions that are affecting us.

A healthy environment is a very important consideration to our wellbeing. A safe and secure place to live, letting the power of nature heal us, and how we look after our environment reflects on our wellbeing – when we look after ourselves and each other, we can all become well.

Mental Health Week WA 2022 poster

Fact sheets from the WA Association of Mental Health

Make sure you download these handy fact sheets with useful tips to help keep your mental wellbeing.


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