Wellness Wednesday

An Event Promoting Mental Health & Wellbeing in Mandurah


K9 Rescue

  • K9 is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1990 to rescue, care for and rehome dogs.
  • K9 Rescue Group strives to educate the community about responsible dog ownership.
  • We provide a regional service in Western Australia to the Peel, Rockingham, Kwinana and Cockburn areas.
  • At K9 Rescue Group we are passionate about creating an environment where a dog is treated as a rightful and respected member of the community. We have many volunteers who work tirelessly to successfully rehome around 200-300 dogs a year.

Helping our best friend

K9 Rescue has been represented at previous Peel Wellness Wednesday events, and will be there for this years event for good reason; Dogs are great for our mental health, they are an excellent companion, and are forever attentive to our wellbeing.

Introducing Graham Carter

Graham has been volunteering his time to be the Wellness Wednesday Master of Ceremonies for many years, and is involved in the committee meetings that are held to plan for the event. Not only is Graham a great advocate for mental health awareness, he is also passionate about the welfare of animals with his involvement in K9 Rescue. Graham is a volunteer and committee member for the K9 Rescue organisation, being a longtime supporter and advocate of their service.

So in effect, Graham wears a couple of hats at the Wellness Wednesday event by representing the wellbeing of people and the wellbeing of dogs. On behalf of the community and the Wellness Wednesday committee organisers, we thank you for your dedication and service to the community.

Graham Carter with Kay Williams
Wellness Wednesday MC Graham Carter with Kay Williams, one of the founders of Wellness Wednesday.

The Role of Dogs in Our Wellbeing

Dogs have mastered the art of consideration and compassion without the need for words, in their own unique and special way. They have acted as dependable family counsellors for as long as we have been together, considering us to be their family pack.

How we treat other living entities says a lot about our species and how we treat them is indicative of the state of our own mental health. Fortunately, we have K9 Rescue organisation to look after the best interests of our dogs and to provide a well-deserved service for them. Our canine companions depend on us in this human world to look after them when they have been orphaned from their pack or when they have been neglected.

Of course, dogs have been a friend of the human race and part of our family for thousands of years. As a species, they are well known for their loyalty to us. They love to work with us and to do things for us and with us – being the true friend that they are.

Support K9 Rescue and let’s keep those tails wagging!

K9 Rescue is funded by grants, donations and bequeathment, and run with the help of volunteers who so generously give their time to make a difference to these dog’s lives.

K9 Dog Rescue needs your support

To be an effective service, K9 Rescue has to meet the cost of caring for them, the veterinary bills, food and medicine, their housing, to ensure they are cared for, and are healthy and happy.

When people take a rescue dog as a new pet from K9, they are helping to fulfil this service and give these dogs not only a new home, but a new chance to enjoy the life they so clearly deserve.

If you would like to learn more about K9 Rescue, or would like to help them with a donation, or to get involved and volunteer, then visit their website to find out more



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K9 Rescue

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